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Friday, 19 October 2012


Ben sent:

Susan. I'd love to!
Would i have to make my own owl costume or is there one supplied? I've been looking online and the extra pay for the costume might outweigh the costs, making the owl costume a break even point.
Is it possible to also study while you're asleep or do i have to constantly look at you?
I can bring my own chair too i can put it on it's highest setting so it'd appear i'm more perched up


Dear friend,

I absolutely understand your concerns and so I can reassure you that the owl costume is definitely provided. It's lavender blue with velcro straps on the wings to ensure stability. I think I could allow for you to study so long as you were absolutely silent and that what you were studying was not anything do with black nationalism, mathematical theory or anything in spanish.
How high can your chair go?

Ben sent:

Oh great, i was worried it was gonna be a bland brown one but the colourful ones are greast.
I do however have this hatred against velcro, the sound it makes when you need to rip it off but i'll be sure to bring my earphones so i don't hear it when i take it off.
Luckily i'm not studying any of those but i do however need a computer to study with.
I bring this up because the light from the screen will shine directly into my face in which i envision rendering a scary image.

I measured my chair and it's unfortunately already at it's highest setting (Let down)
I was hoping it to be alot higher, it's around 60cm from the ground but i know there is another one at work albeit more uncomfortable.

Looking forward to your reply Susan

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