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Friday, 19 October 2012


Tara sent:

I'm not comfortable with wearing a full owl costume but will be more comfortable sticking a few feathers to my forehead. I can wear a tshirt with a picture of an owl on it if that helps you out more.
I'm happy to do this but i request LCM museli bars, the chocolate ones, not the white ones (they're not as good)

Give us a hoot,




If the costume is not your thing then that is fine. Perhaps we could work up to the costume with a few nights of feather-sticking.

I do however refuse to purchase LCM bars as the thought of sticky substances makes my neck prickle up something horrendous.

I will meet you halfway and offer a mars bar but only if I can eat all the chocolate surrounding the bar before I give it to you. Does this sound like a suitable arrangement?

Tara sent:

I am okay with the mars bar offer, however all the nougat and caramel must be intact. If there's even one bit that you've accidentally mistaken for chocolate and nibbled I will probably be really upset and leave forever.
But if you can ensure this I'm happy to go ahead.


Dear Tara,

I promise that I will not nibble any nougat nor run my tongue along the caramel in a highly suggestive sexual manner that will make you reconsider your sexuality.

I also have a mild nut allergy so in the highly unlikely event that some nougat is to be caught between my teeth as i scrape them along then you will not need to take offense as I will have paid for my mistake with death.

Do you have any other concerns or can I simply place you on the green light list?


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